How has Reneé touched your life?

What do you say about a friend that is going through yet another fight?
Friends come into your life for so many reasons but was is friendship really?
– I think friends are....
Someone who shares your daily drama.
A friend who listens to yet another story about your child's day at school or what you are making for dinner.
A friend will take your child at a moments notice if you are stuck somewhere.
A friend listens to your daily bullshit like it's interesting.
A friend listens to you whine about your workout or lack of workout.
A friend who is holding their breath while your child does her gymnastics routine at a meet.
A friend who is up for anything even if there are flamingos involved.
Friends don't need to talk everyday or even see each other.
We hold a little piece of that friendship that will always tie us together.
Our daughters brought Renee and I together, and I will always be grateful to have her friendship.
This fight is one I wish I could take away, but as her friend I will give her my love and anything I can to help her beat this.

Traci Baker

I have so many funny and touching story's to tell but the one that will always stand out the most to me is the day my dad passed away. My dad suffered with pancreatic cancer for 2 1/2 years and in this time I meet Renée. Our friend ship grew over the years of working at Ross but I remember this day the most. My dad had just passed and after we said our good byes and called and told the family she was the first person I called. I was spost to go to kickboxing that night with her but told her I wanted to go see my dad cuz something didn't feel right and being Renée she understood. Well anyway I called her on my way home from the hospital to tell her and b4 I could even say hello I could tell she was crying. She didn't know my dad but because she loves me she felt my pain. She told me I could call her day or night or if I just needed to cry. (I'm not one to cry in front of others) and on the phone with her that day I did I cried my eyes out and told her all that I was feeling. She is still to this day really the only person who I've talked to about what I feel after losing my dad. She is one amazing friend who has been there for me threw the good and bad times and she is one friend I will never let go of because people like her are hard to find.

Angelik M.

Your bucket list is not complete unless you have met Renee Merklin. My family and I consider ourselves lucky and blessed to have her in our lives. Renee leads by example of how to live and love life. We are fortunate enough to learn from her.

We enjoy all our get togethers – especially the ones when the fridge is stocked and slush on hand.

Rebecca McCarthy

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